Is your child often agitated, tired or has trouble concentrating at school?

What if... the cause of his behavioral problems came from a sleep disorder?

Find out with Woodchuck's Sleep, a new application 100% FREE created by doctors.

Do you recognize your child in any of these cases?

Fatigue or hyperactivity

Anger and hypersensitivity

Restlessness and nonsense

Attention and concentration disorder

Fatigue or hyperactivity

Anger and hypersensitivity

Restlessness and nonsense

Attention and concentration disorder

Download the only app that helps you understand childhood sleep disorders to help your child sleep better and grow up well.

(while having fun and playing down the drama)


Five years ago, I was a young mother and like many of us, I was facing daily challenges with my older son.

He was boisterous, a jack of all trades. A real vacuum cleaner of nonsense.
At school, he had trouble concentrating.
Everything was complicated. Homework, meals...
There were constant conflicts at home.
I was exhausted by his tantrums.

I was referred to many specialists.
Pediatricians, speech therapists, orthoptists, neurologists, psychologists.
A real obstacle course. A medical wandering where each one makes his own diagnosis according to his speciality.

The result?
His behavioral problems were still there.

One day, while we were in the car, he fell asleep and his head tilted back.
He stopped breathing, it seemed to last forever.
Probably 10 seconds, the time it took for me to turn around, unbuckle my seatbelt, climb into the seat (7 months pregnant, it wasn't easy), put his head back up and notice that he was breathing again.

I then discovered that he had obstructive sleep apnea.

He was able to benefit from adapted treatments.
His growth curve jumped.
He was less tired and progressed in many areas.


I continued my research on this disease, followed trainings, attended conferences.

My 3 other children were also affected by this syndrome and those of many friends as well.

I see more and more children every day in consultation (I am a pulmonologist and allergist) who also suffer from it.

This is why I want as many parents as possible to be made aware of this disease so that they can act quickly and calmly.

2 children per class, between 5 and 10 years old, are concerned... and 90% of those who suffer from it are not diagnosed.

(While the consequences can be severe on their health).

You have understood it... sleep apnea, contrary to what we think, also largely concerns children.

And we know that once these respiratory disorders are diagnosed and treated, the quality of life of the child and all the adults around him/her is greatly improved.

To help you see more clearly, we have created with a team of doctors and sleep specialists :

A completely free application to spread the message, educate and inform as many parents as possible about the sleep apnea syndrome of the child and the possible treatments.

Woodchuck's Sleep

The only application that helps your child breathe better to sleep better and grow up well.

The application is without advertising or integrated purchase. We have nothing to sell and do not offer any paid services afterwards.
Your personal data will never be collected to be used or sold. Our approach is solely a public health approach.


Understand sleep apnea in children.
Discover the risk factors.
Know what to do (some solutions are very impressive).
A detailed follow-up of each child's activity.


Relaxing and understanding the care process.
Keep you going for the long term. Feel less alone.

Tips and Tricks

3 simple steps to clean your nose efficiently.
Playful exercises in cardiac coherence and tongue re-education to learn to breathe with your mouth closed and clear your bronchi.

Mini games

A quiz.
10 mini games (discovery games, skill games, memory games, puzzles...).
5 profiles for siblings.
Points to earn to convert them into bonuses.
Pretty drawings and a small endearing character.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is sleep apnea?

These are breathing disturbances or interruptions whilst sleeping (interruptions of a few seconds typically, several times per hour and up to 100 times per night).

What is it caused by?
Sleep apnea can be caused, in rare cases, by nervous conditions (this is called central sleep apnea) whereby the child will spontaneously stop breathing during apneas. More commonly, it is due to a condition called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, where an obstruction in the nose, throat or larynx makes breathing much harder, causing snoring or even complete apeas.

What does it cause?
Micro-awakenings of which the child is not aware. (He can also spend long nights without calling you. And you rightly think that he is sleeping well and deeply). But in fact, he sleeps in a fragmented sleep that prevents him from reaching the deepest phases of sleep, necessary for a proper restful sleep and the consolidation of his memories and his learning.

What are the signs that should alert me?

You may think that if your child suffered from sleep apnea, you would have noticed it?
The problem is that we tend to minimize or ignore the symptoms, especially if we have never heard of them.

For example:
If your child is breathing heavily or snoring... (No, a child who snores like his grandfather or father is not normal.)
If he sleeps with his mouth open, head back...
If he fusses a lot while he sleeps...
If he has large tonsils...
If he wakes up sweating...
If he has more and more nightmares...
If he is huddled, pale and often tired during the day...

These are symptoms that may prompt you to seek help.
(It is not necessary that your child has all the symptoms to consult)

Is your application really free?

Yes, the application is 100% free (and will remain so).
The application is without advertising or integrated purchase.
We have nothing to sell and do not offer any paid services afterwards.
Your personal data will never be collected to be used or sold.
The approach of our association is only a public health approach.

Woodchuck's sleep ?

This is the app I wish I had back then. Because it would have been a simpler, less burdensome way for me to learn about childhood sleep apnea, and a great help in making sure my son was following his treatment without it being a daily struggle.

You know it...
Children are more likely to cooperate and learn when they are having fun.

Especially if they are allowed to play as much as they want during the day on mom or dad's phone!

What could be better than a digital game to explain sleep apnea to a child in a simple way, and to make him want to do the recommended exercises, in a serious and regular way?

Madiha Ellaffi , pulmonologist, allergist, sleep specialist

Is your child also affected?

Get free tips and tricks to educate and support you in treating childhood sleep apnea in a fun and engaging way by downloading a donated app created by sleep experts now.

Woodchuck's Sleep app received the People's Choice Award in 2017.
It is 100% free (and will remain so).
Your personal data will never be collected to be used or sold.

If she had been diagnosed earlier, Sarah might not have gone through all this trouble. 

Mom of Sarah, 12 years old

I can say today that the diagnosis of sleep apnea has changed our lives. 

Mother of Luka, 8 years old

Great application to learn about this disease too unknown in children. 

Mppepe, 5 stars on Appstore

Woodchuck's Sleep is also a beautiful illustrated book, available in all bookstores.
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